Coastal Pet Holt Total Control Training Harness Review

Today I will be giving my thoughts and opinions on the Coastal Pet Holt Total Control pet harness, and my experiences with it.

Taking it out of the box, I found about what I expected–

  1. the harness itself,
  2. a leash to attach,
  3. and some brief and simple instructions printed on small folded paper.

It took a little effort to adjust it just right to fit my dog, however, once I did it stayed put rather well. The manufacturer states this harness was designed to provide even pressure across its girth, which, for my dog is a maximum of 14 inches.

4. The harness and leash are made of nylon, and the leash only comes                              in black.

5. The hardware holding the harness together, on the other hand, is finished in chrome and looks very solid.

  • I liked the no-nonsense design of this harness.
  •  It is pretty easy to put on your dog, at least if yours is as cooperative as mine. It would serve you well to measure him or her first to make things a little easier on you if your dog is likes to fidget.
  • I didn’t have any problems controlling him with this harness, so I’d say that it does its job rather well.
  • It was inexpensive compared to other harnesses.


  • The simplicity of the harness also makes it rather typical.
  • It doesn’t look especially good on my dog, and I’d have preferred some other color selections, particularly browns and greys. Black looks a little plain.
  • The directions could also have been a little more clear, although since I am not mechanically inclined, that might be my fault.

Overall, I was rather satisfied with the Coastal Pet Holt Total Control harness. It strikes a good balance between ‘cheap’ and ‘expensive’, as well as ‘shoddy’ and ‘well-constructed’. I think that it would be a good match for many pet owners, as long as they are satisfied with its physical appearance.

Coastal Pet Holt Total Control Training Harness Review: 4/5

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