Gentle Leader Easy Walk Review

The Gentle Leader Easy Walk Harness is meant for owners of dogs that have the habit of pulling on the leash during walks. The harness is designed to redirect the pressure without choking the dog. A slight tightness is felt around the dog’s shoulder blades and chest every time there is an attempt to pick up the pace, as the harness’s closure tightens. Made from nylon, the harness comes with four points of adjustment, providing both comfort and a reliable fit, depending on the size of your dog. You can choose between the different sizes meant for petite, small, medium and large and extra large dogs; each size has a girth measurement that will fit your dog appropriately.


  1. Snap buckles on the belly and shoulder straps for getting the harness on or off.
  2. The straps come in complementary colors, so you can easily distinguish between the shoulder straps and the belly straps.
  3. The nylon is soft, but strong enough to withstand a significant amount of pressure.
  4. For dogs that do not fit in the five traditional sizes, tweener sizes are available, especially for dogs with especially narrow or broad chests.
  5. The chest strap goes across your dog’s breastbone rather than the tracheal area to prevent choking.


  • It is humane and effective for training dogs to keep pace.
  • It is easy to strap on and remove.
  • It does not choke the dog.
  • Dogs are easily accustomed to the harness, since it is comfortable.
  • It is easily adjustable; can fit different sizes of dogs.


  • The leash hangs in front of the dog’s mouth, and could be a distraction for some dogs.
  • The harness is not as effective when limiting a dog’s sideway movements.
  • If the leash happens to go under the legs, it may trip the dog.
  • Your dog may not keep pace during walks without the harness.

Gentle Leader Easy Walk Review: 4/5

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