Wiggles Wags Whiskers No Pull Freedom Dog Harness Review

The No Pull Freedom Dog Harness comes highly recommended and rated the best so far. This harness makes a walk with your dog easy to manage and painless for the dog. The No Pull Freedom Dog Harness will keep the dog from pulling you around during a walk.


  1. You can fasten the leash on the back loop of the harness, or on the loop located in the middle of the chest area.
  2. There is no fear of excessive pulling.
  3. Reduces neck strain
  4. Will prevent the dog from coming out of the harness.
  5. The No Pull Freedom Dog Harness will keep the dog’s spinal cord perfectly aligned during a walk.
  6. Many ways to use this flexible harness for walking, jogging and biking.
    • For  a leisure walk, simply attach the leash to the loop on the back.
    • If you want to go jogging or exercise with the dog, attach the leash to the chest loop.
    • When you want full control during a walk, attach the leash to the back and chest loops.


No Pull Freedom Dog Harness Deluxe Training Package

What Type of Dog is the No Pull Freedom Harness Good for?

  • The No Pull Freedom Dog Harness is great for all dogs.
  • It can be used on puppies, adults and senior dogs of all sizes.
  • You can use the harness for dogs with arthritis, a broken leg, amputations and recovering from surgery.

Make sure you read the instructions prior to placing the harness on the dog.


  • The harness is very effective in reducing pulling from the dog
  • It’s so comfortable that the dog will not mind wearing the harness
  • The harness is easy to attach and remove from the dog
  • Great for aggressive pulling dogs
  • Perfect for dog trainers
  • The harness is padded, so there is no fear of chaffing
  • It does not twist and turn while the dog is wearing the harness
  • Walking the dog is a pleasant experience
  • The harness is hand washable


  • Some dogs may require some training in order to get used to wearing a harness
  • You’ll have to make adjustment to ensure the harness fits the dog properly


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