Premier Eco Easy Walk Dog Harness Review

The Premier ECO walk dog leash and harness is a no-pull harness produced out of earth-friendly materials and designed to discourage dogs from lugging away while on leash. This product comes with an attachable leash located on the front chest that bars the dog from pulling by a light tightening on his shoulder blades and chest area. The slight pressure keeps the dog on the side while veering direction to the owner. This harness is not advised for use with retractable leash as it is designed to work in sync with the leash that comes with it.


  • Produced from 100% recyclable cartons of plastic milk.
  • Made of sturdy brushed nickel fittings.
  • Provides maximum fit and comfort due to its strong soft nylon and four adjustable points.
  • Comes with colored belly straps for easy identification.
  • No choking, gagging or coughing.


  • A great harness that comes with nice matching leash.
  • Ideal for dogs that pull.
  • Gives the owner lot of control over the dog.
  • Material is environment friendly.
  • Harness helps dogs check their desire to pull away when they discover new scents or when they get excited.


  • The straps on the chest area tend to slip  and don’t work well when if loosened or put on improperly.
  • Material is not stiff enough to properly hold its adjustable buckles in place.
  • Harness is prone to dig into the dog’s skin due to its not-so-soft edges.

Overall, this is an economical and sensible option since it comes with a harness and leash. This harness looks fashionable without contributing to global warming.

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