Puppia Soft Dog Harness Review

The Puppia harness is one popular dog harness in the market today. Crafted of a 100% soft knotty polyester, it is designed to provide utmost safety and comfort to one’s dog. Due to its air-mesh polyester material, it fits comfortably across the chest area giving the dog a light and convenient feeling and it evenly distributes pressure across the shoulders and neck instead of right on his neck. Comes with easy to adjust backstraps and extra soft contrasting/ matching plush fabric.


1. Made of 100% soft-mesh polyester
2. Easy to adjust chest belts and speedy release buckle
3. With a comfortable padded opening around the neck
4. With rubberized Puppia logo
5. Can be machine washed but preferable if air dried and hand washed


• Puppia harness is stylish and comfortable
• Good harness even for small dogs
• Easy to put on, durable and doesn’t choke
• Made of well constructed durable material
• Comes in a variety of colors


• Clasp is a little hard to free
• Problems with head sizing – restrictive and difficult to adjust
• Cheap thread material

Puppia Soft Dog Harness: 4/5

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