Sporn Stop Pull Halter Review

You have been thinking of giving your dog the best comfort and an easy control while handling it, then Sporn Stop Pull Halter is the commodity that you are missing. Having known that your dog is a puller, providing a Sporn Stop Pull Halter would ensure an extremely safe environment for its training and management.

Sporn Stop Pull Halter is designed for the dog’s comfort.


  1. The Sporn Stop Pull Halter is made of the highest quality braided cord, nylon webbing with thermoplastic together with nickel-plated steel fasteners.
  2. It is a unique halter that protects your dog against choking while you are pulling or holding it.
  3. It gives superior manageability and control.
  4. You can easily adjust the halter to avoid straining the neck of your dog. This also ensures that your dog is protected from injuries.
  5. Its restraints are threaded through to ensure that your dog gets the best comfort.
  6. Another essential thing that Sporn Stop Pull Halter offers is that it can double as a collar.
  7. You can easily wash it when it gets dirty.

When using it, ensure that you adjust to fit equally on both sides of the dog. You can adjust for snug fit , but you have to avoid overtightening.


  • It is easy to use.
  • It provides maximum comfort to your dog.
  • It puts the owner to be in charge and it also eliminates excessive pulling immediately and safely. This ensures that your dog is not choked during walks.
  • Their sizes also vary giving you a chance to choose the one that are sized accurately in relation to your dog’s size.
  • Their prices are fairly distributed according to their sizes.
  • It is fully adjustable, doubles as a collar and as compared to other brands, it is washable.
  • ┬áIt also offers restraint padding to your dog.


  • It may require that the dog gets trained.
  • Some of its parts may require replacement over time

Sporn Stop Pull Halter Review: 5/5

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